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is a Font Bitmap Generator for games or app,.

Fully procedural, based on shader in glsl and 2d sdf

You can generate : 

  • Font bitmap based on ttf or otf font files / systems,
  • Write your own shaders (in glsl) for tuning and rendering like you want
  • Offer many usefull uniforms widget from code, let Programmers write shaders and let artists tune these for have result they want.
  • Export the font bitmap to the .fnt file format for using it in many game  engine like unity, unreal, cocos2ds, libgdx, etc..
  • Import Shaders from ShaderToy and GlslSandbox (new in v0.0.2472)

No limit of creation just what i call your mindverse :)

Minimum requirement:

  •   A modern gpu who have Opengl  3.3 mini
  • Currenlty only available on windows, (Mac and Linux Version are planned)
  • Have an external text edtior associated to extention .glsl
  • Need to know Opengl Shader Language (glsl) for create  awesome shaders

This soft is in active developpement, and will receive many updates during this year.

Gettings Started :

  • Choose a font in the left pane who list sytem font, or choose your font file
  • Tune params, and launch generation  in right panel, the goal is to fill  the whole texture size with all chars.
  • if some chars are inverted, you have option availble when you select the problematic char
  • create a new shader (menu, file/new ) and edit it for modify it like you want
  • you can also open a shader, a cellShading, Rainbox, and pixel shaders samples are delivered in the scripts directory

Change Logs :

v0.0.2485 :

this version is the last for few months. need time to work on the next big feature : the node graph

  • bug fix : the unfiorms (like sdf) was not shared with childs buffer

v0.0.2472 :

  • new features : can import a shader from ShaderToy and GlslSandBox (imported in the imports directory). go in File/Import
  • new features : can use F5 key for generate the font map, F6 key for update chars after change (Red Rectangle around char who need update), and F4 key for stop generation adn update
  • new feature : can update camera matrix (by example for calcul light ray direction), and add a button in mainmenubar for update or not
  • new feature : add a button in main menu bar for update mouse or not
  • new feature : add a button in main menu bar for update uv centers modifications or not
  • enhancement : when error or warnings, the collapsed header is red or orange
  • enhancement : show buffers pane for uniform tuning
  • enhancement : can tune font settings like base and line height in test pane
  • enhancement : can show font test in multiline and with custom background color
  • enhancement : add a settings dialog, proxy and shadertoy api key moved from import bar to settings dialog
  • enhancement : the check of a new version now use proxy settings
  • enhancement : the error pane, is better sorted by shader files, with hyperlinks for open file
  • bug fix : the config for a font was not loaded correctly (glyph inversion)
  • bug fix : edit button when error, on the main pane, was not good, removed
  • bug fix : when error for the loading of a new shader, the uniforms tuning header was on the last shader
  • bug fix : the combobox of shaders was not updated correctly
  • bug fix : uniform mouse was not working

v0.0.2174 :

  • First release


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